men’s clothing models

men’s clothing models

Pierre & Cassi was founded in 1970 as a small workshop by Hüseyin
Ural in Istanbul. With years of knowledge and experience in the
European and Middle Eastern markets, Pierre Cassi has always been
talking about men’s clothing stores. It has a cool clothing
understanding for men. To meet the styles and requirements of the
young generation, PÃ sahip fiyatre & Cassi took the latest trends from
international trends and presented them to you on the streets and in
the most fashionable streets, in the shopping malls in the shopping
malls. Please contact for men’s clothing dealership.

Phone:: 00902124582525 İstanbul
Whatsapp: 00905323008665
1980 Pierre Cassi TEAM CLOTHING Dealership
Gentlemen who attach importance to the outfit and dress elegance

will pay attention to the choice of quality fabrics when they will buy
men’s suits, otherwise they will disturb your body and make you feel
uncomfortable. It should be your best choice to pay attention to the
quality of the fabric used. Winter, summer and seasonal wear by
giving importance to the time. Our company continues to be a pioneer
in fashion with its wide range of designs, models and models with our
wide range of products to you. According to your physics structure,
your skin color, we add elegance to your style in accordance with
your style and we create your style.

It is inevitable that every man should have a dark suit with your savior
on your special days and job interviews. You can get information
about our products from our web address to choose the right men’s
suit prices. Wholesale and retail can be ordered by calling our sales
to all over Turkey online or by telephone.

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